The Barn Raising Party – Album

If you are truly a country music fan, you’ll want this album!

The Barn Raising Party Artist & Musicians

Some of The Barn Raising Party Artist & Musicians

The Barn Raising Party is an album of 22 original country songs featuring 13 Central California singer songwriters and more than 25 musicians, produced by Dan Greer at Trac Records to keeping this vintage studio and its history alive!

The concept of the “Barn Raising Party” is where your neighbors and community come together to help another neighbor build their barn. In this case the “Barn Raising Party” we will be a new location for Trac Record. Owner Stan Anderson is ready to retire after more than 6 decades and would like to see Trac Records continue as a recording studio, record label and publishing company and I have the desire and passion to do just that, but require funding to move forward with the relocation.

The artists that are sharing their songs are

Musicians performing on one or more tracks are

  • Jeffrey K. Hallock, Mark Ala Bobby Lee, Marty Nemanick, Mike Gentry, Scott Richards, Jimmy A Shirley, Zach Rinehold, Buddy Lewis, Steve Samano, Randy Drew, Scotty Richardson, Darryl Dote, Ken Hurley, Dave Greenmayer, Richie Blue, Raymond Haney, Chris Millar, John Clarke, and Rick Santos.

Monetary contributions

  • We’d like to thank and acknowledge all who have contributed to The Barn Raising Party album with contributions on
  • Your support means a lot, and helped to make this album a reality!
  • Josh Carlton, Doug Sons, Carol McKenzie, Leo & Candice Barnes, Rick Norris, Kirsten King, Jeffrey Hallock, Leeanne Curts,Billy & Debi Valorosi, Stuart Greer, Lisa Lopez Williams, Gary Bartman, Danny Millsap & Christie Totten-Kelly, Janie Morrish, Jimmy Shirley