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The Barn Raising Party Album – update 07/27/16

We are still making progress and have just a few more needed sessions to add vocals (mostly backup) and additional instruments to complete the tracks and then off to mix-down and mastering. We’re at an exciting point and I need to remain calm and patient and not rush the process, but I really want to hear some finished songs. Below is the list of current song and the artist performing them, and in a in a few days I will post a list all the musicians and their contributions … they are many!

I am shooting for an early September release …


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The Song Titles and Artist are
If You Come Home Drinkin’ Don’t Come Home – Carl Alan Gardner
The Guitar Picker
Little Bird – Danny Millsap
Don’t Call It Country
Cowboy & The Queen – Brian Smart
Drinking Man Blues
Faint Memory – Doug Sons
Fairy Tale
Liar Liar – Terry Keplinger
405 Blues – Kathy Kennedy
Kern County Highway – Craig Garrison
Hey Girl What’s On Your Mind – Dan Greer
Good Woman – Debi Montanari-Valorosi
Don’t Follow Me Loneliness – Rick Norris
Little Low on Lovin You Today
If I Told You – Paul Gains
Mad Maddie

You can supporting “The Barn Raising Party” – Album by donating at

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The Barn Raising Party session pictures

The first session back in April with Carl Alan Gardner, Buddy Lewis and Steve Samano. Carl and Buddy in this picture.

And Buddy in this pic tracking a guitar solo.

Here’s 3/5 of the Danny Millsap Band from another session in April – Danny Millsap, Scott Richards and Mike Gentry.

And the Millsap Band with Stan Anderson and myself (Dan Greer) …

Marty Nemanick with Stan and myself at a session after tracking pedal steel for the Danny Millsap Band and a few others.

Brian Smart with Stan and the players from his session in April … Dan Greer, Brian Smart, Stan Anderson, Randy Drew & Scotty Richardson.

Stan Anderson, myself and Rick Norris after one of Ricks sessions in May

John Clarke tracking pedal steel for Rick Norris July 1st ….
RNorris 2016071 e

Rick Santos tracking fiddle for Rick Norris July 1st
RNorris 2016071 d

Marty Nemanick stopping in to say hey with John Clarke
RNorris 2016071 f

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